~Domination 101~

Forum-era philosophy, an initiation to the fighting game community.

Domination 101 is a series of articles about competitive gaming mindset and advice. Originally lost after the shoryuken.com forum crash of 2003, now recovered as blog posts published through different FGC outlets. As these FGC outlets keep going out, as happened with the entire shoryuken.com site once again went down when Sony bought EVO, I can only assume those original blog posts are lost in time as well. This mirror site is designed to preserve the original Domination 101 articles in a place that (hopefully) won't be affected by outside interests.

Written by Seth Killian, an FGC commentator, game designer, stands out thanks to his philosophical approach to fighting games. You can find out more bout S-Kill and this series of articles at this FGC panel from UFGTX (now known as Combo Breaker).


  1. On Cheapness
  2. Mental Toughness
  3. So You Want to be a Dominator?
  4. Controlling Space
  5. You Can Lead a Scrub to Water, But You Can’t Make ‘Em Think
  6. Critical Breakdown
  7. Draw This
  8. Planet of the SF-Playing Apes
  9. Prelude to a Diss